Saturday, 20 April 2013

Life Drawing April

This life drawing session focused on drawing loosely and drawing like an animator and not an illustrator. Some drawings worked and some didn't but i learned a lot during this session. I started to draw and not to worry about the outcome to much.

Marwell Zoo

The trip to Marwell zoo was quite a productive one. The main focus of the trip was to study the animals and get down as much information as possible in regards to what they do and how they move. The brief was not to copy the animals and their detail because the internet can be used for that. I took with me an abundance of different materials and tried to find out which were best used for which animal.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Layout practice

I spent Friday evening Baby-sitting so this was the perfect opportunity to do some work to pass the time. Luckily i was really into this drawing so time went very quickly.

London day out

Gesture Drawings

My Easter Holidays has now come to a close. I would have upload my work as i did them but i forgot to take my camera home. I purchased the animation book drawn to life and  was really motivated to get back to work and try out what i read. These are my gesture drawings of my dogs where i drew the verb and not the noun.